Phil of PhilmSound

Access a unique offering of experience and technical creativity that's given so many films stand-out, world class sound.

With more than 300 credits to date Phil Judd is perhaps the Australian Film Industry's most well known and respected Sound Mixer (Re-recording). The Phil of PhilmSound is the name behind many of Australia's highest profile film soundtracks. Just as importantly PhilmSound also has a long history in enabling many low-budget films to attain award winning standards, to stand alongside big-budget films.

Phil's had the pleasure of working with Australia's finest directors; Peter Weir, Bruce Beresford, Phil Noyce, George Miller and Baz Luhrmann, to name a few. Prior to that Phil also gained experience as a Production Sound Recordist for feature-films and tele-movies.

PhilmSound has a reputation for being able to consistently deliver. (See awards).

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