ASSG Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation. Wharf Road Theatre, Sydney Harbour. Nov 8, 2005.

You’ve burnt some midnight oil on my pictures, Phil… My strongest memories are of you hunched over dodgy, original dialogue tracks. “Can you save it?”, the director’s familiar plea.When I came in next morning and ask “How’d you do?” You’d turn a weary, stubbly face towards me, smile, and hit playback. And there it would be, clean as a whistle. My thanks for all that burnt oil… “

Peter Weir - Director
The Last Wave, The Year of Living Dangerously, Dead Poets Society, Green Card & Fearless

I’m one of the many directors whose films you made sound so good...I saw BLACK ROBE again recently in a theatre & don’t think the mix could be improved upon.”

Bruce Beresford - Director
Adventures of Barry McKenzie, Breaker Morant, The Club, Blue Fin & Black Robe

“I only ever wantta SOUND like Phil”

Bryan Brown - Actor & Producer
Breaker Morant, Stir, Winter of our Dreams, Dirty Deeds, Twisted & Two Twisted

“We have mixed Outer Space - the Boer War - Aussie Rules - the Vietnam War… Outback Australia and everything in between and we now do it with 600 tracks. But “it still takes the touch of a genius to make it all real, by who pushes  those sliders”.

Matt Carroll - Producer
Breaker Morant, The Club, Turtle Beach, Blue Fin, Passion, Farscape, Murder in the Outback

“I’m very familiar with and grateful for his speed and dexterity in a mix but more than that appreciate his commitment to doing the best possible work and his capacity to really care about the projects he takes on.”

Jan Chapman - Producer
The Silence, Suburban Mayhem

''From Yoram's - Dot and the Kangaroo, to Guy's score on Priscilla-Queen of the Desert, the Grosses congratulate and honor you on this special and most deserved award. “

Yoram, Sandra and Guy Gross, YORAM GROSS-EM.TV
Dot & the Kangaroo, Dot & Keeto, Dot goes to Hollywood, Sarah, The Little Convict, Blinky Bill, The Magic Riddle, (Guy) Priscilla-Queen of the Desert, Farscape, Murder in the Outback & Hey Hey - It’s Esther Blueburger

"Phil Judd is a byword for the place where expertise, experience, inspiration, tirelessness, a love of film and an unswerving regard for excellence in sound all meet."

Al Clark - Producer
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Siam Sunset & The Hard Word

“Phil’s dedication and commitment is just unbelievable. You just could not ask for a better partner in sound.”

John Brousek - Producer
The Wog Boy, Hating Alison Ashley & The Tender Hook

“I thought of Philmsound as our other production company, the place to go for solace when everything else, including each other, was driving us nuts, and Phil, our quiet, intense, smiling, Buddha-like wise counsel at the helm, just kept on keeping on until everybody knew we had the most amazing soundtrack and a new, humbled calm prevailed. Thanks Phil, you're what every film producer needs”.

Glenys Rowe – Producer
Idiot Box & Feeling Sexy

"Your great sound work has always brought the pictures alive, so working with you has truly been one of the great pleasures of film making for me and obviously for so many others! Long may your sounds reign over us!"

Paul Goldman - Director
Australian Rules & Suburban Mayhem

"Working with Phil is like traversing the Kokoda trail.  He never eats or drinks!  It is incredible how hard he works!  With Phil everything comes down to clarity of story and character.  Congratulations Phil.  I hope we get to work together again!"

Cate Shortland - Director
The Silence

“Phil is the best commander of the Starship Pro Tools I have ever had.”

Karl Zwicky – Director
Paws & Magic Pudding

“Phil showed me the potential of sound to create a vivid emotional landscape.  He is a genius!”

Paul Middleditch - Director
Terra Nova, Two Twisted

“Phil you make my work sound better and the depth and breadth of the experience you bring to every job means that myself and many others have more opportunity to play and experiment with sound in the secure knowledge that no matter what, the mix will be completed to a very high standard. Basically Phil Judd you are one of a kind”

Liam Egan - Sound Designer
Idiot Box, Man who sued God, Suburban Mayhem, Hey Hey - It’s Esther Blueburger

“Phil's always been at the forefront of technology and in the pursuit of excellence. Even before the days Phil started PhilmSound, I was always glad to hear that Phil would be mixing Dialogue I recorded. Always took time to help colleagues along the way and encourage us recordists in the field. The instigator of our Sound Guild, Phil has brought our industry together and continues to be our Sound Guru!”

Ben Osmo - Sound Recordist
Dead Calm, Strictly Ballroom, Babe, Man who sued God

“Juddy, Well done on your Lifetime Achievement Award, it’s extremely well deserved and way overdue, you have been an inspiration to not only me but to many sound people right around the country, we are all better off from working with you”.

Phil Heywood - Sound Mixer
Breaker Morant, The Truman Show, Lord of the Rings & Happy Feet